for a fair narrative on migration

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To overcome the toxic debate on migration in Europa, a debate that undermines the European construction, the EU-funded Opportunities project proposes a forward-looking debate grounded on a fair dialogue on migration and successful integration... read more

It brings migrants, citizens and stakeholders together to learn to listen to each other and to create together a common story. An enriched art of storytelling is at the core of the project. The result, the common story opens a window of opportunities to start a fair dialogue. The aim is to establish this cross-talks method on local and regional levels in several European and African countries.

Moreover, Opportunities uses art-based methods and an international theatre production to promote the fair dialogue. This will be supported by qualitative and quantitative research of discourses in the media. Opportunities project invites civil society and policy makers to implement the fair dialogue method.


The interlinkages of the OPPORTUNITIES objectives with the co-creation of life stories and a Level Telling Field at the heart of the project.



All the OPPORTUNITIES productions: the online Glossary and Manual, papers and reports, policy briefs and other.



The OPPORTUNTIES Consortium is composed by 13 partners, of which 7 universities, 5 ngo’s and one city theatre.


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Picture blog of OPPORTUNITIES’ participants.


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This page highlights the activities in 9 different countries, in the original country language.