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The dynamics of current discourses on migration in the European public sphere undermine the project of European integration.

To overcome this toxic debate, OPPORTUNITIES, a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission, strives to initiate a new, forward-looking debate, which is grounded on the principles of fair dialogue, multiperspectivity, and an ethics of listening... read more

OPPORTUNITIES brings together migrants, citizens, and stakeholders on national, local, and regional levels in several African and European countries, encouraging them to listen to each other and to create shared narratives of migration.

The main objective of these cross-talks, a method of collaborative storytelling designed for the project, is to establish common ground for a fair conversation that seeks to integrate African and European perspectives. On national and transnational levels, we seek to introduce the notion of level telling fields, initiating a new debate on migration and integration.

The project combines theoretical and practical research in an innovative manner. By combining qualitative and quantitative research from the fields of interdisciplinary narrative research and the social sciences, OPPORTUNITIES explores, analyzes, and evaluates representations of migration and immigration in various media, especially the press and social media. Art-based methods (e.g. short film productions and exhibitions) and an international theatre production, moreover, serve to promote and encourage a fair conversation on migration and integration across national borders and across different walks of society.

Thanks to its output-oriented design, OPPORTUNITIES invites civil society as well as policy makers to adopt and implement the fair dialogue approach introduced over the course of this project.


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