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Policy makers

Migration ranks high on the political agenda. But this agenda has been dominated mainly by possible security threats caused by migration, the dangerous transits of refugees, the harsh conditions in refugee and transit camps, and problems of integration. Seldom are positive stories of migration and its opportunities discussed in politics.

OPPORTUNITIES challenges this dominant negative narrative and offers new perspectives to politicians by shifting the focus to the questions of how migration could be seen as an opportunity and how new discourses could change a toxic debate

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The NGO world is struggling to create new narratives of migration, to establish zones of dialogue where migrants and citizens can speak freely about their experiences and share their views and perspectives on migration, immigration, and integration.

OPPORTUNITIES challenges current practices of living together and proposes new methods to initiate a new and productive conversation among migrants, citizens, and stakeholders.

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If you are a journalist who writes about migration, how do you approach the topic? How is your work positioned in discourses on migration and integration? How does it contribute or challenge the mainstream narratives created by citizens and politicians?

Learning about the dynamics of narratives on migration (i.e. narratives told by citizens and politicians) and narratives of migration (i.e. testimonials and life stories told by migrants themselves) might give you an opportunity to make an important contribution to a level telling field in the European public sphere.

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