Team members

Samba Yatera 

academic partnerships, transnational coordination (France and Mauritania)

Jonathan Stebig

national and European partnership management, Policy dialogue, institutional coordination

Bintou Ndaw

mobilisation of diaspora collectives, second generation, women representation, local and national partners. Cross talk organisation and animation.

Elida Kocani

mobilisation of elderly immigrants, local and national partners, multi stakeholders dialogue. Cross talk organisation and animation.

Yoana Pavlova

administrative and financial management of the project.

Abdou Yatabere

partnership, policy dialogue, management of the project, target groups identification.

Kader Sy

partnership, policy dialogue, multi-stakeholders dialogue, cross talk animation

Grdr Migration-Citizenship-Development is an NGO of professionals (agronomists, economists, sociologists, geographers, town planners, social workers, etc.) who put their know-how at the service of the populations of the territories in which it operates.

Created in 1969, the Grdr is one of the rare associations carrying out development actions both in the countries of departure, of passage and of reception (West Africa, Maghreb and France). In West Africa, the Grdr works closely with local authorities to strengthen decentralization policies. It contributes to cross-border cooperation in basins marked by strong human mobility.

In Europe, the Grdr works for social inclusion, professional integration, access to rights, education, entrepreneurship, struggle against discrimination, where the common denominator is the migrant needs.

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