Successful collaboration begins with a shared language, hence the need for a glossary. This joint effort of contributors from several teams ensures, on the one hand, terminological and conceptual coherence across not only our theoretical approaches, but also the qualitative case studies and quantitative research conducted in OPPORTUNITIES. On the other hand, our glossary facilitates communication between the academic side of the project and the fieldwork conducted by NGOs, uniting our teams working from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Mauritania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Senegal.

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Cross Talk is an innovative methodology developed by the OPPORTUNITIES project that provides the framework for public cross-cultural encounters between migrants, citizens, and other stakeholders. It creates common ground between participants in order to ensure a fair dialogue between conversation partners, thus establishing a level telling field on a local level. Cross Talks consist of three consecutive steps: (1) Confidential storytelling – migrants tell their life stories to NGOs and citizens (either in oral or written form); (2) Non-public re-enactment – the NGOs and citizens re-tell the stories of the migrants, thus ‘re-living’ what has been told; (3) Public re-enactment – NGOs and citizens tell the migrants’ stories to other stakeholders to make them available to a broader public.

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