The open network


Team members

Cristina Victoria Cherț

is the coordinator of the project for the The Open Network for Community Foundation (management and carrying out the proposed research and/or innovation activities).

Alina-Tincuța Scânteie

is in charge with the Communication activities in the project (promotion, visibility, dissemination, use of resources).

The Open Network for Community Development Foundation was established in 2012 as a Romanian-Flemish initiative. Our scope is to facilitate sustainable community development projects at local and national level by promoting Romanian-Flemish best practices in the field, without excluding other possible partnerships.

We have developed our working models into 56 local communities at national level and we are working through Health Local Committees, Medical Social Centers, Local Women Organizations, Local Men Organizations, Local Youth Groups and Local Community Development Committees.

We work on the topic of migration for a long time and all our institutional members are dealing with the migration phenomenon.

We were involved in projects from Horizon 2020, in big events as EZA International meeting, projects and events in which the topic of research was migration and all the secondary effects of migration inside of EU.